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Proactively Remediate Customer Impact
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Service Assurance

Overcoming Decades of Challenges

Over the past two decades, Telcos have faced persistent challenges in achieving customer service assurance transformation, resulting in a trail of failures and missed opportunities. Due to the development of siloed systems and customized solutions, Telcos find it challenging to provide real-time customer service impact. To address these business challenges, many software vendors have embraced new technologies such as AI/ML. However, these attempts have fallen short of delivering on their promises.

Elevating Customer Experience: TierOne Real-Time Service Assurance Solution

Welcome to TierOne, where we offer a platform with the unique ability to overcome any obstacle and empower communication service providers on their journey of assurance business transformation. We stand out for our comprehensive understanding of network failures across different domains and understand the impact on every affected customer in real-time. We ensure that every impacted customer receives a separate real-time, user-driven automated workflow for remediation.

Customer Achievements

Reduce MTTI to
30 minutes

Increase NPS Score

Reduce MTTR
by 40%

The impact of TierOne's Service Assurance solution on business operations is nothing short of exceptional

Key Features

Proactive Approach


  • Provide proactive remediation of any customer service impacted by any network failures
  • Prioritize high-value customer issues
  • Provide timely updates and keep customers informed about the repair status

360-Degree Customer Insights


  • Integrate data from multiple sources to a common model
  • Provide a single view to customers, agents and operational teams
  • Enables self-serve and personalized customer support



  • Streamline customer service problem-solving processes
  • Lead to timely issue identification and shorter resolution times
  • Notify customers promptly to minimize support calls

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