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Our corporate philosophy and vision is to challenge how business is done between the service provider and their business customers
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Commercial Portal is a single ecosystem that provides visibility and control to service provider B2B customers and internal operations staff while understanding that today’s complex myriad of legacy systems are not going to go away.

Service providers today build custom portals to give limited visibility to their customers while hiding the mess from legacy systems. This disconnected approach causes frustrations with both internal staff and the business customer.

The Commercial Portal provides a full suite of capability to interact with high value commercial customers with service fulfillment and assurance needs. It provides the ability for all employees to interact within the same ecosystem as the customer.

Most important, it provides a simple road map to start the process of turning down legacy systems in a painless manner.

The Commercial Portal crosses traditional BSS/OSS network boundaries in a secure scalable architecture. Our productized modular approach will leverage your existing investments seamlessly while hiding all of the complexity from the end customer and your internal operations staff.

Finally, with the advent of virtualization and dynamic services such as SD WAN, customers are demanding visibility and control of the services that they are buying.

Key Product Benefits and Features

Catalog driven marketplace
Unified customer portal 
& operations ecosystem
Business driven orchestration 
& automation
Customer service alarm impact
Hardened security
Customer service and performance

Operations staff working from the same page in terms of what they see has repeatedly proven to increase trust with our customers.

Commercial Portal in Action


reduction in SLA disputes with business customers


growth in revenue generation through upsell of additional enterprise services


growth in agents required for enterprise care


Enterprise customers have SLAs that they use to challenge service providers the quality of service being delivered. The results are a growing workforce focused on enterprise care as more customers are acquired.

Solution Provides

Maintain an accurate network topology including the customer services.

Provides a real-time understanding of alarm impact on the customer. The system maintains monthly availability statistics on availability.

Configure the system and provide control to customer for ongoing service management

The result is an environment where the customer has visibility and control of the services they get from the service provider and a marketplace for new services to existing customers.


Implementation Cycle

Understand the existing service and network topology and load passive non-discoverable data Map Customer Facing Services (CFS) to Resource Facing Services (RFS)

Use TIERONE’s Service stitching™ technologies to reverse engineer the network supporting the customer services and the details of services running on it.
Provide a feed for alarm and performance data acquisition
Integrate to existing Service Provider ticketing system

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