Say Hello To Our Senior Team

The core of TierOne’s management team has worked together in a variety of capacities for nearly 20 years. Most importantly, we are fueled by a collective mission to ensure our clients’ success and innovate telecommunication solutions that help them meet their goals.

Angelo Leng

Senior Developer & Consultant, QC

As Senior Developer & Consultant, Angelo Leng is predominately focused on developing vendor equipment templates and technical solutions that dramatically help CSPs increase their operational efficiency and reduce OPEX. Angelo joined TierOne in 2012 as Quality Control with diverse experience in areas such as Telecom OSS System, Telecom Networks and Operations, etc. He has demonstrated success in building comprehensive test repositories and uncovering functional and usability defects through standard testing approaches, which resulted in quality products, superior user experience, and gaining a business competitive edge.

Before joining TierOne, Angelo held Network Engineer and Senior Engineer positions in telecom companies such as China Unicom, China Netcom, and China Telecom Corporation Limited.

Angelo Leng holds a Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering and a Master’s degree in Electronics and Information Engineering from Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

Christina Rachel Vedam

Manager of Operations, India

As Regional Head, Christina provides administrative support to the company’s business in India.

In her capacity, she is in charge of identifying key growth areas and thereby creating an expansion model for delivering end-to-end human resources to attain intended program results. Her duties include responding and networking with clients, Project managers, ensuring employee growth and satisfaction.

Christina is a native and has served the IT Industry in established companies prior to joining TIERONE.

She holds an Engineering Master’s degree in Science.

Erin Benakoun

Senior Technical Fellow

As one of the Senior Technical Fellow's of the development team, Erin provides guidance on the design of new features and coding standards to be followed, as well as executing code reviews to ensure standards are being met.

She has 15 years of experience with the company, developing the product to support inventory management, network discovery, and order management. Erin was one of the original developers who created the product framework and is integral in continually enhancing the framework based on changing industry needs.

Over the years, she has been involved in giving training seminars to instruct partners and customers on how to customize the product. Erin is a graduate of the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Mathematics with a major in Computer Science.

Francis Chung

Director, Marketing and Channel Development

As Director of Marketing and Channel Development, Francis plays a key role in promoting TierOne’s innovative products and solutions and drives sales for this market. Francis also translates market requirements into highly attractive solutions using TierOne products. He works with key strategic alliance partners, effectively positioning joint solutions in the global Communications Service Provider and Enterprise market.

With more than 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, he is familiar with the challenges and pain points of today’s customers and their needs. Before joining TierOne, Francis worked for Oracle and Nortel in management positions with product marketing, business development, product management, and product development experience.

Francis graduated from the University of Toronto with a dual degree in Computer Science and specialized in Data Management, Commerce & Finance.

Frank Edwin

Director, Business Development APAC

As Director of Business Development for APAC, Frank is responsible for overseeing the sales and marketing activities in the APAC region. He drives strategic technical partnership alliances to broaden the go-to-market strategy both globally and regionally.

Being the voice of the customer within TierOne-India, Frank influences the product roadmap by understanding and advocating user needs with the team and leverages technology to solve clients’ complex business challenges and drive profitable growth for customers. He also contributed to the development and introduction of a SaaS Order Management Solution.

Prior to joining with TierOne, Frank also held various positions within the business development, sales, and marketing domain. He has around ten years of business experience spanning across the Aviation, Manufacturing, and Telecommunications industries.

Gopi Srinivasan

Technical Lead, Product Development

As Technical Lead of Product Development, Gopi is responsible for the successful delivery and deployment of carrier-grade software solutions that help Telecommunication Service Providers to achieve operational excellence. With over 7+ years of IT experience, he helps lead the design, development, and implementation of applications, adapters, and connectors. He is highly skilled in Java, JDBC, SQL, JSP, XML, Java-API, and Spring.

Gopi ties his software development expertise with a wealth of telecom domain knowledge through his background in working in high-profile accounts such as Rogers, Allstream, Vodafone, CenturyLink, and Airtel/

Gopi holds a Bachelor of Computer and Engineering degree from Narasu’s Sarathy Institute of Technology

Ion Moraru

Chief Product Architect

As Chief Product Architect, Ion is responsible for the architecture of the NETPortal product and the solutions developed around it, focusing on TIERONE’s customer needs.

He has 20 years of experience in software development for OSS systems covering areas related to inventory, service fulfillment, fault management and order management.

As one of the founders of TIERONE, Ion has worked on many successful OSS solutions for companies like Unitel (now MTS Allstream), Nortel, Rogers Cable, Objectel and Architel.

Kevin Liu

Senior Technical Fellow

Kevin Liu is A Senior Technical Fellow of the software development team at TierOne, where he oversees entire product design, development, and optimization processes. His ultimate goal is to ensure that our products are secure, scalable, reliable, versatile, and adaptable to specific customers’ demands.

Kevin has decades of comprehensive experience developing software for telecom and service providers, including Rogers, Verizon, Allstream, AT&T, Sprint, Bell, and many others. He is highly skilled in Java, C++, Scripting, GWT, Java EE, Weblogic, WildFly, Oracle, PostgreSQL, LDAP, Spring Framework, and Docker.

Prior to joining TierOne, Kevin Liu worked at various organizations such as Bridgewater Systems, Crosskeys Systems, Gandalf Technologies, and Natural Resources Canada.

Kevin Liu graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and an Honours Degree in Computer Science.

Kevin O'Keefe

VP, Product Management

The world of telecom is moving at a faster pace than ever. Legacy systems can barely provide an effective platform to innovate quickly enough for service providers to bring new services to market. New models of service delivery must be embraced.

As VP of Product Management, Kevin takes a user-focused approach in defining the product vision, setting the roadmap, and evangelizing about how “our product improves our customer’s lives!” He brings over 20 years of systems and telecom experience to the company particularly in the areas of Service Fulfillment and Service Assurance OSS.

Prior to joining TIERONE, Kevin worked for Net Integration Technologies, SOMA Networks, Objective Systems Integrators (OSI), and Fusion Systems Japan. He also has extensive experience in software development for OSS and IT domains and has been a key member of professional services teams providing exceptional customer service.

Kevin is a University of Waterloo graduate (Computer Engineering).

Maddie Quinn-Smith

Director, Operations

Maddie has had unorthodox start at TierOne. Her educational background is in Social work, specializing in youth and children. She joined TierOne Client Management team in 2013 to further stretch her natural skills in building and developing relationships and time management.

Within TierOne’s Client Services team, she steadily grew her telecommunications and software knowledge. She demonstrated a high degree of competency leading a wide range of customer projects.

Maddie was promoted to Director of Product Development where she implemented critical structural and process changes, which has significantly improved the productivity and agility of the development teams. Subsequently she moved into the role of Director of Operations. She continues to be the trusted, steady foundation for the overall organization and a key member of the TierOne family.

Patrick O'Keefe

Product Manager

As Product Manager, Patrick diligently oversees inventory management to cater to the needs of both external projects and internal customer portal development. Additionally, he spearheads process enhancements, ensuring our ability to deliver rapid and agile solutions to our customers' challenges.

Patrick brings a wealth of telecom experience, spanning more than two decades, prior to rejoining TierOne. His journey in the industry has seen him in diverse roles, from a field technician at Bell to an optimization analyst at Sprint and Rogers. His career progression led him to project management, ultimately culminating in his current pivotal role at TierOne.

Paul Vedam

President & Chief Executive Officer (Founder)

We will continue to earn the respect of our customers by being the best in the industry at helping them to become more efficient at delivering services.

Since founding TIERONE in 1999, Paul has provided the overall strategic direction for the company in his role as President and Chief Executive Officer.

Prior to starting TIERONE, he was a co-founder of Objectel Software, a provider of two industry leading products: Objectel (Inventory Management) and OMS (Order Management). Both products were eventually sold as part of the Architel sale to Nortel which is now part of the Oracle suite of OSS products.

Prior to that, Paul spent many years developing NOC and provisioning solutions at Unitel (now MTS Allstream).

Prabu Mathiyalagan

Senior Technical Fellow

Prabu has over 18 years of software development experience. He is highly skilled in Java, J2EE, Spring Framework, Angular and other web technologies.
Prabu ties his software development expertise with a wealth of telecom domain knowledge through his background in working in high-profile accounts such as Comcast, Charter Communications, CenturyLink, Orange, Optus and Rogers Communications.

As a key member of the Product Architecture team, Prabu has been instrumental in building seamless user experience and capabilities within TierOne’s flagship Commercial Portal product suite. Recently, he was acknowledged for co-inventing our patent for the System and Method of Automated Customizable Portal Creation.

Thamarai Kannan

Chief Technology Officer, Asia

As Chief Technology Officer of Asia, Thamarai drives strategy, capability development, and growth of TierOne’s India presence and maintain its status as the productive hub of the company's globally distributed delivery network. Thamarai is responsible for project execution, quality, methodology. He has served the Telecom industry in various technical and managerial roles at both hi-tech start-ups and established companies. Thamarai has a proven track record of building efficient teams that produce leading edge products and technologies. He currently manages efforts in building world class teams of software engineers and business process experts and directs Human Resource policies for adding new technology competency areas.

Prior to joining TIERONE, Thamarai worked for Indus Towers . He also has extensive experience in Mobile Networks & Systems, Service Delivery, Product Management solution, OSS and Network RFI/RFP, Technology Solutions and Technical Sales.

Trent Jakubec

VP, Operations

Trent Jakubec is the VP of Operations at TierOne. He heads the global product support team, enforcing industry-led practices to ensure smooth customer on-boarding processes, attain organization’s SLA goals, and deliver best-in-class support services to customers.

He brings in extensive experience of over three decades in the IT & Telecom industry. As a leader, he fosters a positive work environment and provides essential guidance that helps team navigate through challenging situations and rectify issues with reduced turnaround time.

Prior to joining TierOne, Trent held different IT roles in organizations such as Acterna, American Management Systems, and MPR Teltech Ltd.

Trent holds an Honours Degree in Computer Science from the University of Alberta.

Wilson Chan

Director, Business Development North America

As Director of Business Development in North America, Wilson Chan is primarily focused on strengthening client relationships and delivering client-focused solutions that accelerate their business growth and overall satisfaction with the brand. He is a keen observer who understands and constantly strives to help clients steer through business challenges using TierOne’s products and solutions in the on-demand marketplace. He also oversees product renewals, change requests, staff augmentation & hiring process, mentoring, and leading teams to meet the organization’s objectives.

Wilson has 10+ years of experience in the Telecom Industry. Prior to joining TierOne, Wilson worked at Rogers Communications, where he was focused on provisioning and managing Commercial Services as well as providing technical support for Residential Services.

Prior to that, he worked at Toronto East General Hospital. During his tenure, he has achieved the Diamond of Excellence Award for the successful implementation of Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) and Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR).

Wilson holds a Diploma in International Business from Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology.