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Accurate network representation and management to capitalize on new network technologies like 5G and cloud computing

Active Inventory

Operations in a Dynamic Network Landscape

An ongoing challenge lies in maintaining inventory system integrity, while seamlessly supporting operations and business processes within the rapidly evolving network environment. Eventually, it impacts the service provider’s ability to manage their network and offer optimal customer services.

Unlocking Network Insights From Real-Time Accuracy

TierOne Active Inventory solution creates a digital twin of the network, showing a real-time view of complex multi-layer, hybrid networks. Leveraging TierOne's innovative service stitching technology, this solution seamlessly traces the true end-to-end service paths implemented across the multi-domain network

Customer Achievements

Achieved inventory accuracy
exceeding 90%

Reduced MTTR by 40% 

Reduced order fallout by 15%

Trust and confidence in the data is the key differentiator that TierOne instills in the organization.

Key Features

Distinctive Capabilities


  • Comprehensive service modeling
  • Complex topology visualization
  • Real time awareness of network change
  • Reverse engineer the network and service stitching
  • Policy driven device configuration control
  • Unlimited versioning history and planning

Carrier Operations


  • Robust security access model including single sign-on
  • Vendor-agnostic support
  • Productized network technologies (ITU, IEEE, MEF, TMF)
  • Fully supported Open APIs
  • Built-in multi-lingual UI with personalization

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