Resource & Service Inventory


Key Features:

  • Physical, virtual and hybrid network modeling across wireless, wireline and data center domains.
  • Communication technologies (Layer 1, 2, 3) are productized to ITU, IEEE or MEF standards.
  • Extensive library of network equipment templates are productized and supported for accurate resource management.
  • Reverse engineer the network utilizing real time awareness of network change.
  • Enable accurate network change management with a true understanding of customer service and network service relationships.
  • Policy driven Device Configuration and OS management.
  • Visual confidence in data with graphical accuracy indications.
  • Ability to view a collection of devices or network topology in a graphical views.
  • Network planning and capacity management provide the ability to design complex circuit/service routes through the network manually, automatically or in a mixed mode.
  • IPV4, IPV6, VLAN/VCID, Generic Number, Telephone Number (TN) lifecycle management pre-integrated to network discovery, including manual reservation support.
  • Rack, space and wiring inventory management.
  • TMF Information model support including TMF 639 API.