Key Features:

  • Robust, carrier grade architecture for high available on-premise or cloud deployments with support for Oracle and PostgreSQL Databases.
  • Integrate with existing enterprise single sign-on using SAML-based (Security Assertion Markup Language) Authentication with OpenID Connect/OAuth2 Authorization.
  • Data security managed through configurable role-based and domain-based access control.
  • Secure web application with internationalization support for English plus three other languages.
  • Design packages to integrate into the GUI menu for specific added functionality.
  • Fully supported operations and administration through Open APIs, including TMF APIs.
  • Ability to add attributes to extend data model to support any customer solution.
  • Security events, transaction audit logs, time stamping of all actions and multi-level logging.
  • Use the built in scripting system to simplify and automate tasks or build basic services.