Digital Bridge

Balance the need for a wide variety of access to the network against the need for security, visibility and control
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The Digital Bridge allows the business to drive innovation through simplified, controlled, and direct access to the network.

The bottom line it is all about real-time access and control to network data directly from the network in a secure audited transaction.

Each time a transaction is developed and deployed on the running Digital Bridge:

  • Anyone can interact with Digital Bridge through an automated GUI that provides him or her with the right access and control they need.
  • The same transactions are also available over API to all upstream systems.

The Digital Bridge is a security hardened appliance that provides an easily configurable electronic workbench to generate transactions to existing service provider networks. It ensures the integrity of the network while providing the access and control.  Throughout the process, network passwords are completely protected from those developing transactions to those using the transactions.

The Digital Bridge provides dynamic control. If a specific device is under attack or is starting to get heavily loaded, throttling the transactions and/or denying temporary access is within their control.

Key Product Benefits and Features

Interface to any network or system
Simplified English interface
to network syntax
Published API to business logic
Removes need for technical training
Transaction life cycle management
System of Innovation workbench

Simplicity and elegance in controlled interactive access makes the Digital Bridge a natural need within the service provider community.

Digital Bridge in Action

TIERONE enables millions of automated daily tests to ensure wireless networks' location based services work according to federal mandated rulings


Users from over 100 user groups have interactive secure access to network devices


Interactions per year and growing via a single GUI to network devices


Care agents require accurate information from a plethora of network devices: number of applications for access growing and increasing the already complex training to on board new agents.


A single simplified English GUI interface to securely access all networks, systems and databases.

Consolidated custom screens to pre-fetch data on incoming calls for specific high volume use cases.

Network access to provisioning and automated test systems.


Implementation Cycle

Assess care agent request to maximize benefit.
Prioritize by incident type volume.
Develop and install transactions.
Configure security.
Monitor and throttle traffic volumes.

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