Our vision is to enable the enterprise to make informed decisions about their services

Fundamental change has to happen in core systems and TIERONE has invested heavily in overcoming challenges that seem insurmountable today in the traditional systems.

  • Think real time service creation instead of order management.
  • Think full customer visibility and control instead a restricted view through reports.
  • Think immediate customer impact from network faults.
  • Think interactive, secure customer portal instead of custom built & restrictive access.

Simply Put:

TIERONE’s vision is to provide innovative software that enables the service provider with a compelling new ecosystem for business customers.

Telcos have relied on a huge workforce to provision services and manage the customer. The systems in the market today were built with that core understanding. Today’s economic reality does not allow this level of manual activity. The customer must be able to interact with the Telco systems and network directly to provision and manage even the most complex services in real time.

Service fulfillment and assurance processes have traditionally been silos that were separated by complex operations to transition from one to the other. This cannot be the case moving forward – the end customer must have immediate, real time understanding of the status of all services they own and full control to manage and change those services.

How can this be done? A coexistence strategy must be enabled to effect true change. Wholesale business transformation projects are costly and always fail. Incremental change is a must. IT organizations must be enabled to cost effectively handle this. Standards must be a religion and not marketing.

I invite you to have an open mind when looking at what we have done. Challenge the norms and think outside of the box with customer service excellence as your guide.