TierOne Optimizes Business Productivity with Customer Portal Patent

Ontario, Canada – February 14, 2022.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted TierOne Patent No. 11228684 for the System and Method of Automated Customizable Portal Creation providing an effective way to consolidate service provider portals to business customers and to enable the creation of an effective open approach for future development.

Historically, service providers have created one-off solutions to each new “product” offered to the business market because of the complexity, and nature of business communication needs. This has created an unmanageable environment and a complex web of applications to navigate for the end business customer.

This patent reinforces the unique technology provided by TierOne in consolidating this environment and providing a single portal to the end business customer that is increasingly demanding visibility and control of the services they purchase from service providers. Using the patented technology, a single portal instance may model complete independently branded businesses while maintaining full account, internal and external user secure separation within the system.

Prabu Mathiyalagan, Senior Product Architect of TierOne who co-invented this technology stated “the patent creation follows the age-old paradigm that necessity is the mother of invention. This technology answers the challenges of security and open architecture to ensure acceptance within the service provider and includes seamless integration of existing portals into this technology”.

By complementing and extending TierOne Commercial Portalcapabilities, the patented portal technology helps companies deliver a seamless customer experience across all touch points inside and outside the service provider. Internal service provider groups can see and understand what the customer is experiencing by removing the traditional disconnect between the Communications Service Provider and the business customer.

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TierOne’s customers span Fortune 500 companies and more from around the globe. TierOne empowers Communications Service Providers to modernize and automate operational and business support systems to enable rapid fulfillment and accurate assurance of enterprise customer services. Significant reduction of risk and cost can be achieved through TierOne’s standards-based ecosystem and intelligent business automation approach powered by our industry-leading patented technologies.

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