European Wholesale Operator Deploys TierOne’s NETPortal™ Active Inventory into Production
to Deliver Key Business Benefits


Toronto, Canada – February 3, 2022

Rapid deployment of TierOne NETPortal™ Active Inventory delivers key business benefit

TierOne’s global OEM partner deploys NETPortal™ Active Inventory at a Spanish utility operator that provides B2B and wholesale services in Spain.

Having outgrown their own inventory system, the operator needed to have new capabilities and functionalities for their inventory that allowed for the automation of service delivery and assurance processes. Following International Telecommunication Union (ITU) standards, TierOne’s NETPortal™ Active Inventory has the unique capability to reverse engineer the network which allowed the operator to leapfrog traditional data issues and ensure that their inventory has a real image of the installed network, as well as a true representation of the customer services.

The operator has deployed TierOne’s NETPortal™ Active Inventory solution which leverages TierOne’s built-in network discovery and reverse engineering functionality and bypasses the migration of bad data into a new platform.

This solution offers a robust, centralized, and accurate resource and service delivery platform that:

  • Provides accurate network asset utilization to optimize network expansion costs
  • Supports the automation of processes to shorten the sales cycle
  • Provides accurate network data to eliminate or reduce order fallout during service delivery

Supporting Quotes

“The selection and successful deployment of TierOne’s NETPortalTM Active Inventory demonstrates the importance of TierOne’s commitment to ITU standards as the answer to eliminating bad data in network inventories at service providers. Our product is unique in how it is able to learn and manage changes in the network and integrate passive data with minimal end user intervention while still providing all of the traditional requirements of an inventory platform” said Kevin O’Keefe, Head of Product Management at TierOne OSS Technologies.

About TIERONE OSS Technologies Inc.

TierOne NETPortal™ Active Inventory, provides the most comprehensive solution to eliminating data issues in network inventory. It seamlessly integrates to TierOne’s Commercial Portal™ to provide reliable automated service delivery and automated service assurance. The patented TierOne Customer Portal® provides end customers and user groups secure portal access and delivers functionality that traditionally could not be offered. This enables the end customers with visibility and control over what they acquire from service providers; something that is urgently needed in the market but cannot be provided due to the inherent security challenges and data issues.

Press Contact:
Francis Chung