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TIERONE Releases NETPortal™ with full support for NFV

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TIERONE™ announced today GA availability of NETPortal™. NETPortal’s product suite enables Service Providers to fully support NFV in a network aware operations platform with full lifecycle management from planning and design to in-service and ongoing customer service assurance.

Since our Service Stitching™ technology is foundational within our platform, discovery of existing services including NFV and the infrastructure supporting them in a true hybrid environment is fully productized.

“Last year we proved that NETPortal truly excelled in Video delivery environments, where the content delivery network is updated every 15 minutes. Traditional OSS platforms were not designed with such change in mind. Traditional reconciliation concepts are absolutely archaic in this new world” states Paul Vedam CEO of TierOne.

NETPortal utilizes the productized logical modeling and management capabilities based on industry standards and vendor specifications. This removes the constant need for custom modeling during implementations inherent in traditional platforms showing the value of a truly productized, network connected operations platform. “Engineering the building blocks with a new world in mind is starting to pay dividends” says Bill Otto VP Product Management. The fundamental focus of NETPortal to be customer centric and network aware is very strong and continues to drive NETPortal.

This NETPortal provides the following key features:

  • Support NFV models for design, provisioning and deployment
  •  NFV infrastructure discovery from servers, VMs to network applications running on them
  • Service design, activation and assurance in all combinations of hybrid and traditional use cases
  • Dashboards for operational visibility. To remove the need for static reports and to move to interactive dashboards with operational trending
  • Ability to take advantage of inherent syslog monitoring and device Config management capabilities to automate processes
  • Ability to orchestrate processes without IT development and to mature those process interactively

About TIERONE OSS Technologies Inc.

TIERONE provides consulting, systems integration, and managed services to Service Providers around the world. Founded in 1999, TIERONE is privately held. Its headquarters are in Toronto, with operational and development centers in North America, Europe and India.

TIERONE offers and delivers robust BSS and OSS solutions for order entry, order management, inventory, activation and assurance.

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