Toronto, ON, March 12, 2021

TierOne announced today the GA availability of Edge Authority™ 2.0.

Open Up New Revenue Streams, Reduce the Cost for Service Delivery and Improve the Quality of Service


TierOne’s Edge Authority™ provides all of the functionality to manage and automate the end-to-end lifecycle of edge infrastructure, including universal and legacy CPEs from on-boarding, configuration management, and security control to provisioning and assurance functions, across today’s and tomorrow’s hybrid network.

Edge Authority covers the entire Fault, Configuration, Administration, Performance and Security (FCAPS) spectrum. It features an open and scalable architecture designed to easily integrate with multiple-vendors equipment and external orchestrators (MANO). Unique to OSS, our shrink wrapped, out of the box software allows iterative, non-disruptive evolution and support of telemetry protocols such as NETCONF/YANG, SNMP, CLI, System log, etc. This gives service providers the unique ability to add new protocols continually without operational downtime.

Edge Authority 1.0 already provides the following features and key benefits:

  • Single Portal Eco-system, for both end customer, enterprise IT teams and service provider operations with an easy-to-configure dashboard for visibility and control
  • Key Applications: Devices, Alarms, Performance Live and History, Syslog, On-Boarding

More and more deployments are happening at the edge, and with this new version of Edge AuthorityTM, TierOne has provided capabilities that push beyond basic CPE management to enable large and more complex Edge devices that manage workloads closer to the service locations with a focus on low-latency, security, and network cost optimization.

Edge Authority2.0 provides the following new features and key benefits:

  • Efficiently manage the entire Edge server environment
    • Discover, monitor, and configure devices through Integrated Lights Out (iLO) management
    • Automate low-level system provisioning and configuration via Redfish
    • Fault management over Redfish
    • Configure performance KPI thresholds and trigger alarms
    • Access HPE Edgeline Integrated System Manager (ISM) through controlled virtual console over SSH
  • Time-saving Software Management
    • Ability to perform initial pre-production image load on devices to validate server capabilities
    • Creation of model and device specific, production-ready ISO files based on “Golden Image” integrated with configuration
    • Unassisted and monitored OS installation workflow for rapid deployment
    • Kubernetes cluster control for master and worker nodes images
  • ‘Plug and Play’ to accelerate time-to-market
    • Now pre-integrated with HPE Edgeline EL300 and Aethra XV8800

About TIERONE OSS Technologies Inc.

TIERONE is a Canadian company incorporated in Ontario and headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. TIERONE has employees in Mississauga, Vancouver, Montreal and a wholly owned subsidiary TIERONE OSS SOLUTIONS INDIA PRIVATE LTD based out of Chennai, India.

TIERONE offers robust BSS and OSS solutions for order entry, order management, inventory, activation and assurance.