TIERONE™ announced today availability of NETPortal™ 9.0. NETPortal’s product suite enables Providers of IP and optical connectivity services, a highly accurate way to manage their inventory.

NETPortal’s inventory solution provides an affordable and effective way to manage the Service Providers network assets and the complex dependencies of a multi-layer telecommunications network.  NETPortal supports physical and logical network resources of IP, MPLS, Ethernet, WDM, OTN, SDH and passive fiber networks.  Using its discovery and reconciliation engine, NETPortal delivers standards based, multi-layer and multi-vendor abstraction of the network.

NETPortal launches from these core capabilities and adds the following features to its product suite:

  • Unlimited Versioning to support complex Network/Service Design Activities:
    • Unlimited versioning provides significant flexibility to the network designer to plan future network and service implementations.
    • Ability to manage multiple/unlimited versions of Transport circuits, Ethernet and IP services to support service, as part of the network planning and design process.
    • System supports many versions, but ensures that only one is in service at any one time.
  • Proactive Ethernet and IP Customer Service Management:
    • Gathering and mapping of alarms to Ethernet and IP customer services and automatic generation of service availability information.
    • NETPortal uses actual network configurations, obtained through its discovery and reconciliation engine. Not legacy data. This results in a significant reduction of user-errors, costly rework and misguided activities.
    • Service availability, and other customer service information are available via NETPortal’s Service Management Portal.
  • Automated Activation, of:
    • Layer 2 (Ethernet), and
    • Layer 3 (IP) network services.
  • Multi-Language Support:
    • Multi-lingual language packs are available, out-of-the-box.
    • NETPortal can support up to 4 languages (including English) concurrently.
    • Multi-language support provides the capability to deploy the system across the globe and to operate in multiple countries.


About TIERONE OSS Technologies Inc
TIERONE provides consulting, systems integration, and managed services to Service Providers around the world.  Founded in 1999, TIERONE is privately held. Its headquarters are in Toronto, with operational ad development centers in North America, Europe and India.

TIERONE offers and delivers robust BSS and OSS solutions for order entry, order management, network inventory, and activation. TIERONE’s NETPortal product suite enables superior customer experiences by offering a comprehensive set of features to enterprise systems across channels, agents, and geographies.


Press Contact
Curtis Murray – TIERONE
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