TierOne is moving to a new physical office with virtual-office options. It will facilitate future growth and expansion of the business.

Toronto, Canada – January 04, 2023


TierOne is excited to announce that it will be transitioning to a digital workplace in both Canada and India, effective December 17, 2022. This move will facilitate the future growth and expansion of the business and provide numerous benefits, including reduced overhead costs, increased productivity, and the ability to hire talent from a wider geographic area.

In conjunction with the transition to a digital workplace, we are pleased to announce that our corporate headquarters will be moving from Suite 905, 5925 Airport Road, Mississauga, Ontario L4V 1W1, Canada to 3397 American Drive, Unit #22, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L4V 1T8.

While our physical offices will remain open for customer meetings and company social events, the majority of our employees will have the option to work remotely. We believe that digitalization is key to our success and are confident that this transition will allow us to continue to thrive and deliver top-quality products and services to our customers in both Canada and India.


About TIERONE OSS Technologies Inc.

TierOne’s customers span Fortune 500 companies and more from around the globe. TierOne empowers ICT to modernize and automate operational and business support systems to enable rapid fulfillment and accurate assurance of enterprise customer services. Significant reduction of risk and cost can be achieved through TierOne’s standards-based ecosystem and intelligent business automation approach powered by our industry-leading patented technologies.


Press Contact:
Francis Chung fchung@tieroneoss.com