Toronto, ON, October 30 2017
TIERONE™ announced today GA availability of NETPortal™ Active Inventory 8.2. NETPortal’s product suite that enables service providers to a complete platform for resource management that is fully network aware using discovery and reconciliation. Operations can manage the full resource life cycle management from planning and design to in-service and ongoing customer service assurance.  Integration points for B/OSS systems are provided to enable all service providers systems an up to date view and control of actual inventory.
NETPortal Active Inventory 8.2 has continued improvements to provide an out-of-the-box system that can be installed, configured and ready to use.  NETPortal Active Inventory 8.2 has added many exciting features:
NETPortal Active Inventory 8.2 provides the following key features:
  • Inventory
    • Space management – hierarchical management of containers and racks
    • Data export – export of inventory data
    • Inventory Notification – filtered control of notifications
  • Security and Compliance
    • Policy management – validation scripts executed for DCM operations for system compliance
    • Security event logging – records user and security event
    • SAML Integration support for external login/logout with SSO
  • Technology Additions
    • ODUflex – design and assign support for circuits over OTN
    • Flexible grid WDM – design and assign support for creation of OCH circuits and selection of bandwidth slices on OTS/OMS
    • Ethernet PBB discovery and reconciliation of discovered PBB core/edge domain services showing ethernet ring protection and link aggregation
  • UI and Customization Features
    • Custom networks – able to define new network types
    • New built in ASON network type
    • Variable pin size on Google Maps – scale pin on Google Maps based on inventory
    • Top level menu changes reorganization
  • Updated infrastructure support for Java8, WebLogic 12.2.1, Wildfly 10
About TIERONE OSS Technologies Inc.
TIERONE provides consulting, systems integration, and managed services to service providers around the world. Founded in 1999, TIERONE is privately held. Its headquarters are in Toronto, with operational and development centers in North America, Europe and India.
TIERONE offers and delivers robust BSS and OSS solutions for order entry, order management, inventory, activation and assurance.
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