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TM Forum announces TIERONE as an official nominee in the “ Outstanding Contribution to Enabling Improved Business Agility “ Category

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A service provider’s ability to effectively and quickly respond to their customer’s requests, market dynamics and emerging technologies is fundamental to them maintaining their competitive edge. However, today we see a widening gap between how IT infrastructure currently operates and the rest of the service provider’s organization. Shrinking and ideally eliminating this gap is key to the long-term viability of the service provider. This is the foundation on which TIERONE’s NETPortal Digital Eco-System has been designed.TIERONE has successfully provided our customers with a “future-proof”, nimble platform that co-exists with legacy IT infrastructure and empowers the service provider to respond quickly and gracefully to expected and unexpected changes. This is accomplished with manual/automated end user defined CPQ, service and incident template work flows that can be changed manually or automatically in-flight.

NETPortal’s dynamic and automatically reconciled service fulfillment and assurance capabilities features a core SID compliant network CMDB that is built to ITU and MEF networking standards. This network data model was further enhanced to ITIL compliant service management models to provide a single integrated SID/ITIL customer and network service model. This OOTB and easily extensible model can be utilized by all functional groups including customers and partners.

“Many companies tout their agile capabilities and platforms. Most of these software companies solve pieces of the overall problem but few truly deliver in a holistic or comprehensive way. TIERONE feels our NETPortal digital eco-system is innovative in design and simply abstracts the complexities to allow our customers to thrive in the new agile market realities.” says Paul Vedam, CEO of TIERONE.

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TIERONE provides consulting, systems integration, and managed services to Service Providers around the world. Founded in 1999, TIERONE is privately held. Its headquarters are in Toronto, with operational and development centers in North America, Europe and India.

TIERONE offers and delivers robust BSS and OSS solutions for order entry, order management, inventory, activation and assurance.


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