NETPortal™ Active Inventory

Reverse engineering the network to overcome the plague of bad data bringing trust and confidence in inventory.
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Today’s service providers have seemingly insurmountable challenges in service delivery and assurance use cases that essentially stems from a lack of accurate data in their inventory systems. Vendors’ solution to this problem has been to augment discovery solutions that provide reports or fix issues in the inventory. There is no debate that this approach has failed.

Going to the root of the issue NETPortal addresses specific issues that completely removes the barriers that are preventing service providers from cleaning the data. NETPortal Active Inventory was designed to prevent data issues at the core. Our Service Stitching™ technology was purpose built with the role of addressing cleanup using trusted data directly from the network.

The results: One integrated NETPortal Active Inventory product that provides confidence in the data being viewed with visual cues as to the state of data. Operations staff can no longer state that they cannot trust the data.

NETPortal takes this further by understanding the service providers need to move into a hybrid virtual environment for a long period and be able to maintain both fulfillment and assurance processes throughout this period.

Key Product Benefits and Features

Real time awareness of network change
Reverse engineer the network
True understanding of customer impact
Policy driven device control
Robust security access model
Visual confidence in data

Trust and confidence in the data is the key differentiator that NETPortal instills in the organization.

NETPortal in Action


confidence in the inventory data used for service delivery and assurance needs and dramatically reduce fallout during provisioning.
Total cost of ownership fixed for a 10-year period 
under a managed services model for less than the
previously existing vendors annual maintenance 
costs. This included upgrades, bug fixes, ongoing 
vendor and technology support.


As a core system the value of an inventory system is the accuracy of the data. Telecom service providers are plagued with accuracy of data transport and communications services.

Ability to cope with change is expensive and the total cost of ownership is spiraling out of control.

Usability and value across the organization is severely limited as it is seen as an engineering tool with limited general usability and security


Solution Provides

A single active inventory was deployed in a managed services environment that includes all ongoing changes to support new technologies and vendors to fix the total cost of ownership.

Implementation Cycle

Load only passive data required for service and assurance needs
Configure the real-time acquisition of network data as it changes in the network
Use TIERONE’s Service Stitching™ technologies to reverse engineer the network and the service running on it.

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