Remote eSIM Provisioning

The remote embedded SIM (eSIM) provisioning process not only helps mobile service providers to replace the traditional complex SIM provisioning process but also generates significant savings and become a business service provider in M2M/IoT space.

Estimated over 31 billion connected THINGS by 2013 but 40% of connected objects will be cellular – Ericsson Mobility Report 2018

Business Challenges

  • It is a technical headache for service providers to integrate the eSIM infrastructure into the existing ageing BSS/OSS environment and processes
  • Service providers must establish their own carrier portal integration to support tight integration with the device and enable customers to sign up with their eSIM device easily
  • The biggest threat to the world of M2M/IoT is security

Solution provides

  • An integrated vendor-agnostic provisioning platform
  • One integrated self-serve carrier portal for customers to manage their eSIM profile on the device
  • Remote provisioning processes in a controlled and secure manner


  • Enable mobile service provider to capitalize on the opportunity of becoming a business service provider in M2M/IoT space
  • Attract consumers with optimized digital experience for eSIM-ready customer device
  • Reduce the cost, time and effort required to complete the provisioning process for M2M/IoT and consumer eSIM devices

Key Features

Complete user-configurability

  • Configurable multi-lingual mobile responsive portal

  • Configurable provisioning process

  • Manage change without custom development

Carrier operations

  • Multi-vendor support
  • Highly scalable, extensible and low cost with no downtime
  • Hardened security management


  • Single platform to manage all provisioning
  • Automated provisioning
  • 2,500 activate transactions per second

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