TierOne™ Edge Authority™

Multi-Vendor Universal CPE / Edge Device Management

Edge Authority (EA) is designed to manage all aspects of universal customer-premises equipment (uCPE) and/or remote / edge data centres and works with any upstream VNF orchestration platforms.
The key value is its low cost, multi-vendor, and user-configurable out of the box support.

Given the proliferation of CPE's, a universal CPE management system that integrates seamlessly to northbound orchestration platforms is invaluable to managing change and the ongoing OPEX costs.

Business Challenges

  • Service Orchestration platforms don't provide the adequate CPE management required for enterprise network operations
  • A low cost flexible CPE device management solution is required to justify a fast-growing business case
  • Hardware and OS Security hardening is mandatory

Solution provides

  • User-configurable CPE lifecycle management
  • Configurable support for any CPE device type
  • Security hardened device configuration and OS management
  • Alarm status and performance monitoring


  • One integrated enterprise portal for network and delivery operations
  • Significantly reducing OPEX by using a flexible feedback driven, analytics rich end user automation
  • Real-time visibility and control of entire uCPE infrastructure

Key Features

Complete user-configurability

  • Configurable long lead process support for any complex CPE lifecycles

  • Configurable dashboard for visibility and control

  • Manage change without custom development

  • Built-in multi-lingual, single sign-on, and Portal capabilities

Carrier operations

  • Multi-vendor support
  • Automated pairing over TR-069 or SZTP
  • License management
  • OS and device configuration management
  • Performance analytics & Customer alarms impact
  • Hardened security management


  • Single platform to manage all CPE infrastructure operations
  • Syslog initiated processes for ad hoc operations
  • Device restart and replacement processes
  • Rich analytics data to support business case for automation

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