Interactive Commercial Portal For Entreprise

Our corporate philosophy and vision is to challenge how business is done between the Service Provider and their customers.

TIERONE has invested heavily in overcoming challenges that seem insurmountable to Service Providers today. If you believe, as we do, that the customer is central to everything then finding a way to serve them efficiently and effectively, provides the service provider a tremendous competitive and financial advantage.

NETPortal today provides a full suite of capability to interact with high value commercial customers with dedicated specialized service fulfillment and assurance needs. It crosses traditional BSS/ OSS /network boundaries in a secure scalable architecture.

The true value of our Portal is that all of your employees from product management, sales, customer care, provisioners, technicians, etc will have the ability to interact within the same eco-system as the customer. This is an OMNI Channel where all interactions are on the same data set via the same user experience.

A co-existence strategy will allow you to upsell your existing portal where the customer is willing to pay to move to our Portal. Our productized modular approach will leverage your existing investments seamlessly while hiding all of the complexity from the end customer.

NETPortal will integrate to your service catalog or we will provide you with a TMF compliant GUI driven Catalog to manage services from concept to order entry without IT customization.

The capabilities of the Portal are also available over an electronic bridge allowing your customers to integrate their systems to you. There is real value in integration to customer systems in the areas of trouble and change management. The Electronic Bridge is also unique in the ability to configure new calls to any internal BSS/OSS or network system through a GUI work-bench.

The traditional network barriers are gone as we provide secure audited access to the network within the same eco-system allowing for real time activation and especially on demand services such as video on demand.

The Portal allows the end customers to manage their specific data from users, contact info, addresses, and especially roles and responsibilities which changes regularly and administrating this is now pushed to the customer.



  • Full support for up to 3 languages plus English
  • Support all major web browsers with zero client side foot-print requiring no plug-ins or installations
  • SSO with support for multiple LDAP or active directory architectures
  • White label to service provider look and feel
  • Enterprise carrier grade scalability
  • Support for Oracle/WebLogic or Open source infrastructure
  • Purpose built modular co-existence strategy enabling integration with existing systems
  • Ability to interact with any internal systems, networks, or 3rd parties in a secure audited architecture.
  • Common OMNI channel eco-system for all users both service provider and customer



  • Increase revenue by monetizing your interactive portal
  • Increase business customer satisfaction and retention by providing a unified eco-system
  • Reduce cost of maintaining accurate customer service and network implementation information with automated data flow between service fulfillment and assurance
  • Minimize response time to customer affecting network issues through immediate productized impact determination
  • Maximize employee efficiency by mining network data to focus efforts

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