TIERONE’s NETPortal Digital Bridge Solution

Over the Top (OTT) players continue to take revenue without paying for the use of the service provider’s network and infrastructure. Yet if there is an effective compromise in sharing revenue, the service provider’s infrastructure is complex, legacy filled and, for all essential purposes, closed and there is no effective way to manage the needs the OTT players demand. You cannot change the service provider infrastructure without wholesale business transformation, and business transformation is plagued with failures.

NETPortal Digital Bridge is an easy to install ‘appliance’, that provides an easily configurable electronic bridge over which all the necessary transactions to existing service provider networks and systems can be configured and managed. This secure bridge ensures the integrity of service provider network and systems while enabling the OTT players to move at the speed they are accustomed to.

NETPortal Digital Bridge provides for a simple, elegant manner in which to configure the required transactions with service provider networks and systems to respond to OTT player requests. This carrier grade appliance enables service providers to push the required transactions from internal staff labor and move it to the customer.


  • Ability to configure transactions onto the bridge in real time without bringing the bridge down
  • Fully Secured, audited transactions that protects the service provider
  • Throttling transactions to ensure network and systems capabilities are not over extended


  • Enables External organizations to manage their own data and upstream transaction development
  • Reduce organizational risk by centralizing password management of all target networks and systems away from end users
  • Productized solution reduces the need for heavy IT development and ongoing support costs

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